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National Chocolate Chip Day

There are all kinds of zany holidays. One of our favorites is National Chocolate Chip Day! Read on to find out how the chocolate chip came to be, and satisfy your sweet tooth with some yummy math.

Can You Really Eat a Cactus?

Have you ever tried to touch a cactus? How about eat parts of it? Some cacti have paddles that turn into fruit you can actually eat! Read on to poke around the math in cacti.

A Baby That Towers Over You

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world, towering 16 to 18 feet high. So just think about how tall baby giraffes are! And their height isn’t the only amazing number about them. Read on to reach new heights with the math of baby giraffes.

Colossally Cool Cube

Long before Nintendo Switch, people had Rubik’s Cubes for handheld gaming. It’s a simple puzzle: you spin the pieces around until each side is all its own color. “Speedcubers” can even solve a Rubik’s Cube using 1 hand in less than 7 seconds! But one Rubik’s Cube has gotten completely out of hand. Tony Fisher built […]

Hand It Over!

When you do one simple thing, like flicking a light switch, your body is actually doing tonsof things. Your eyes and brain have to work together to send your hand to the right spot. And your hand isn’t one thing, but a crazy connection of muscles, bones, and tendons. Our friend Maggie K. wanted to know: […]

From Bug Soup to Butterfly

Bedtime Math fan Audrey C. asked us, how does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? Read on to find out the long journey one little bug makes to become a beautiful butterfly – and do the math in this cheery and colorful change!

Out-Of-This-World, and Seven More

There are a lot of mysteries on Earth. But there are even more in outer space. Maybe that’s why our friend Nathan W. asked: how long would it take to fly to every planet in our solar system? Well, since those other 7 planets are also circling around the Sun, the distance between them and […]

Well, Shucks

Do you love corn on the cob? Before you can cook corn on the cob, you have to “shuck” it. That means yanking off the corn’s husk (those papery green leaves) and brushing away the brown silk strings. It’s kind of like peeling a banana. But do you think you could peel 9 or 10 […]

Who’s the Winner, Snow or Trees?

Bedtime Math fan Evan K. asked us, which one does Earth have more of, snow or trees? What’s your guess? Read on to find out what the math says – you might be surprised by the answer!

A Berry Big Mess

Have you ever wondered how cranberries get from the farm and into your cup of juice? Unlike other fruits, like apples, that you pick straight from the tree, farmers have a unique – and wet! – way of picking cranberries. Read on to get the scoop on cropping cranberries, and do the “berry” wild math.