Drawing for Life

Do you like to draw? If you're great at it, you can get paid to draw as your job! Look at Jim Paillot, who draws the pictures or "illustrations" in the Bedtime Math books, dozens of My Weird School books, and many others. When you add up all those books and all those pages, you see that drawing is not just great play, but hard work, too.

Wee Ones: How many fat wheels can you count on Jim's skater girl's skateboard?

Little Kids: How many hearts can you count on skater girl's pajama pants? Count one leg or the other, or both together!
Bonus: If on another page Jim drew 3 dogs on one page and twice as many dogs on the facing page, how many dogs did he draw?

Big Kids: If it takes Jim 20 minutes to draw each "spot art" in a My Weird School book, and each book has 9 spots, how long does it take him to draw those spots?
Bonus: The My Weird School 21-book box set has, you guessed it, 21 books. How long did it take Jim to draw all the spot art in those? (Hint: as a shortcut, you might want to convert to hours first! An hour has 60 minutes).


Wee Ones: 4 wheels.

Little Kids: She has 7 hearts on her right leg (which is on our left) and 9 on her other leg, making 16 total.
Bonus: 9 dogs, since there are 3 on one page and 6 on the other.

Big Kids: 180 minutes.
Bonus: 180 minutes is 3 hours, so 63 hours for all those books -- and that's not counting the covers!

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