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Spaghetti, One Slurp at a Time

Spaghetti, One Slurp at a Time

Uncooked spaghettiSpaghetti is a fun, slurpy, saucy food. So how many noodles do we get in one box? We counted it up here at Bedtime Math, and you can try, too. The skinnier the noodles, the more noodles in 1 pound. We found that a pound has 24 linguine noodles in 1 ounce, which is 384 noodles in 16 ounces or 1 pound. Skinnier spaghetti had 576 noodles per pound, and the super-thin capellini had a whopping 1,136 noodles per pound! All the more to slurp.

Read the story. Talk through the numbers. Kids do best when you do the math together!

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