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October 27, 2021
With Halloween just a few days away, it's time to decorate. And if you're a little creeped out by all those giant spiders and webs, you can try something a little less yucky and a little more colorful. We're loving this idea from the Momma Owl's Lab blog: Take a paper towel tube, punch little holes in it with a holepuncher, then stick a handful of glowsticks inside. Then take your polka-dotted decorations and put them in windows or outside on top of your bushes. Just remember, glowsticks last only a few hours once you snap them, so you'll have to wait till Halloween itself!
Wee ones: How many glowsticks outside the tube can you see in the picture?
Little kids: If you grab 5 orange glowsticks and 4 yellow ones, how many do you have?  Bonus: If you took those glowsticks from a pack of 50, how many are left in there to make glow-in-the-dark bracelets?
Big kids: If you punch 7 holes in each paper tube (all on one side so you can see them all), how many glowing spots can you get by filling 8 tubes with glowsticks? (Hint if needed: Multiplying by 8 is like doubling a number 3 times in a row.)  Bonus: If a real spider is normally just 1/2 inch wide and the big decoration ones are 26 times as wide, how wide is the fake spider?                  

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