Bus-ting Out

Whoa -- is that bus really running on 2 giant toy batteries? Nope -- those batteries are painted on. On the bus below it, someone painted around the wheels to make them look like eyes. And in the third, the stretchy part of the bus looks like the bendy part of a toothbrush. Buses are 40-50 feet long, so these eyes, batteries and brushes are way, way bigger than real ones. How much bigger are they?

Wee Ones: How many batteries do you see on the first bus?

Little Kids: If the bus tire is 3 feet wide and the eye painted around it is 5 feet wider, how wide is that eye?
Bonus: If your whole body is 4 feet tall, how much longer is that eye than you if you lie down next to it?

Big Kids: If the bus toothbrush is 10 feet long and your own toothbrush is just 8 inches, how many inches longer is the bus toothbrush? (Reminder: 1 foot has 12 inches.)
Bonus: If the 2 eyes together stretch across 20 feet of the bus, and your own eyes span just 6 inches of your face, how many times as wide is the bus's "face"?


Wee Ones: 2 batteries.

Little Kids: 8 feet wide.
Bonus: 4 feet longer.

Big Kids: 112 inches longer, since the big toothbrush is 120 inches long.
Bonus: 40 times as wide!

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