Get Families Engaged

1,200 Hours a Year in School

5,000 Waking Hours Outside School

Students are far behind in math. Luckily, there's lots of untapped learning time.

Let's help math beat out TikTok

Get kids off screens and back into real life. Bedtime Math is a free app that serves up a funny story with math questions. Kids talk through it with parents, grandparents, siblings – and don’t even notice they’re learning!

It works

Gold-standards research shows that Bedtime Math moves kids ahead an extra three months in one school year. Most million-dollar school initiatives fall short of that.

Any parent can help

By making stress-free, pressure-free math talk, any parent can become a playful math guide – and help you do your job as a teacher.

Spread the Word to Your K-5 Families!

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