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Car Wash of Doom
April 15th, 2021

In today’s Math Movie Monday, let’s see how our friend Kevin could use a little math to make his life easier!

A Prime Time to Rhyme
April 14th, 2021

April is Poetry Month, and while poetry is made of words, numbers rule their rhyming. It’s no easy job to rhyme, either, which is why we were amazed by New Orleans “sidewalk poet” Antoine. Click through to do the math and read the poem Antoine made for us!

You’ll Never Believe What Money Can Buy
April 13th, 2021

What’s the wackiest thing you can think of to buy? Read on to find out some pretty crazy things you can bid on, and see how they add up!

The Best Way to Throw an Angry Bird
April 9th, 2021

Robots are everywhere and can do anything from pressing a button to flinging an Angry Bird! Try your math skills at figuring out how this robot works!

One Skate In Front of the Other
April 6th, 2021

Get on a roll with some incredible roller skating world records in this Bedtime Math!

Sky-High Group Dive
April 4th, 2021

Can 20 guys really stack on top of each other and dive together into a pool? Read on to make a splash with math and find out!

Drawing for Life
April 3rd, 2021

Lots of kids like to draw for fun, whether with crayons or markers, fingerpaint or melted chocolate. The fun doesn’t have to end when you grow up, though. If you’re great at drawing, you can get paid to draw as your job!

Mile-Long Xylophone
April 2nd, 2021

Well, we’re not sure it’s a full mile, but it could be the world’s longest xylophone. Check out the music and math behind this life-sized xylophoneI

No Foolin’
April 1st, 2021

Today is April Fools’ Day, the day we play pranks on people, like freezing the milk in their cereal, to make them look like fools. Click through to do the April Fools’ Day math…and maybe get a few ideas for tricks!

Double-Trouble Dominoes
March 31st, 2021

Dominos are fun to begin with, but doubling the size of each one makes them doubly as cool! Read on to see how the math stacks up.