Stuffed Animals – for Real

Do you like stuffed animals? What kinds do you have? Toy stuffed animals are fun because they can be any color we want: orange bunnies, blue turtles, whatever. So, what if your stuffed animals suddenly became the real animals? Some would become much smaller, like your ladybugs and frogs. But some would grow to be huge! Would they all fit in your room – and what would it take to feed them all?

Wee ones: Who has more legs, your 4-legged purple bunny or your 6-legged blue ladybug?

Little kids: Take a look at your stuffed animals. How many would become bigger if they turned real, and how many would shrink?  Bonus: If your stuffed animal giraffe turned real, it would stand 18 feet tall! If your ceiling is 10 feet too short for that, how high is your ceiling?

Big kids: Black bears can stand up to 79 inches tall. If your teddy bear is 8 inches tall, how much taller would the real thing be?  Bonus: If you have 3 stuffed animal bears, and as real animals they’d each eat 40 pounds of food a day, how much food would you need to feed them every day?

Wee ones: The ladybug has more legs.

Little kids: Different for everyone…see what kinds of animals you have!  Bonus: 8 feet high.

Big kids: 71 inches.  Bonus: 120 pounds.

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