Is This Chicken Older Than You?

Big news: We have found the world-record longest-living chicken. Peanut was a scrawny chick, like the one in the photo, when she was born - in fact, she couldn't chip out of her shell. Her owner, Marsi Darwin, almost threw out the egg until she heard it chirp! She helped break open the egg, put the chick under a heat lamp, and as Peanut grew and grew, kept her as a house pet. Peanut is definitely at least 20 years and 304 days old, because that’s how long her doctor has taken care of her!

Wee Ones: Chickens say “bok bok.” Say 6 “boks” in a row! Make them really loud like a chicken.

Little Kids: Most chickens live to be just 7 years old. Are you older or younger than that, and by how much?
Bonus: At age 20, how much older than the usual chicken is Peanut?

Big Kids: How many days till Peanut turns 21 and is a real grown-up? (You can use a regular 365-day year).
Bonus: Peanut is a great-grandma! If Peanut had 20 chicks in total, and each of them had 20 chicks, and each of THEM had 20 chicks, how many great-grandchicks does Peanut have?


Wee Ones: Bok, bok, bok, bok, bok, bok!

Little Kids: Different for everyone - see if your age in years is more or less than 7.
Bonus: 13 years older.

Big Kids: 61 days.
Bonus: 8,000 great-grandchicks!

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