Catch Cans Like Cash Can

Hey, any kid like you can be a star if you tackle a big problem. Cash Daniels loves the river near his home, so he started cleaning up the recyclable cans and bottles he found there. He and his buddies pulled in one TON of aluminum cans last year - that’s almost 1,000 cans per week! TIME Magazine named Cash one of their 2022 Kid of the Year finalists. Let’s do the math to see what Cash recycled!

Wee Ones: Find a can if you can 🙂 and look down at the top. What shape do you see?

Little Kids: If you pick up 3 cans in the park and 2 cans in the street, and your friend picks up 4 cans, who picked up more?
Bonus: 2 cans together weigh about 1 ounce. How many cans do you need to collect to reach 1 pound? (Reminder: A pound has 16 ounces.)

Big Kids: If Cash and crew collected 1,000 cans per week for a year, about how many cans did they collect?
Bonus: About how many times as much as that is their 1 million can goal?


Wee Ones: A circle. The whole can itself is called a “cylinder.”

Little Kids: You picked up 5 cans, so you collected more.
Bonus: 32 cans.

Big Kids: 52,000 cans.
Bonus: About 20 times that.

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