A Leafy Game of Leapfrog

bush-art-of-frogThis frog doesn’t look so smooth and slimy. That’s because it’s a bush trimmed to look like a frog. “Topiary” is the art of cutting bushes and other plants to make all sorts of shapes – like frogs and horses. When you’re made of a bush that’s growing all the time, you need a lot of “haircuts” to stay nice and neat — far more than your smoother, slimier friends.

Wee ones: This frog is 1 of 3 frogs sitting at that pool. How many other frogs hang out with him?

Little kids: If the frog needs a quick trimming every other day and he got a haircut Thursday and Saturday, when is his next haircut?  Bonus: If it takes 6 minutes to trim his back, 5 minutes to clean up his tummy and 2 minutes to trim his toes, how long does the frog’s haircut take?

Big kids: If a regular pet frog is 5 inches tall and this frog is 7 times as tall, how tall is the topiary frog?  Bonus: If you have to trim the frog every 3rd day starting on October 3, and the grand piano every 5th day, how many times in October will they both get a haircut on the same day?

Wee ones: 2 more frogs.

Little kids: Monday.  Bonus: 13 minutes.

Big kids: 35 inches tall.  Bonus: Twice: on October 15 and 30, since both those numbers are multiples of both 3 and 5.

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