As Schlumpy As a Sloth

Just about every crazy animal gets its own holiday, and today we celebrate International Sloth Day. Sloths sleep 20 hours a day, and can’t move faster than 6-7 MPH. Extra toes don’t help, either: the 3-toed sloth actually moves more slowly than the 2-toed sloth. We guess the sloths are celebrating today with a good long nap.

Wee ones: Who has the most toes on 1 foot: a 2-toed sloth, a 3-toed sloth, or you? Count your toes to find out!

Little kids: Sloths hang from trees by their 4 arms. How many more arms than you does a sloth have?  Bonus: A day has 24 hours. After sleeping 20 hours, how many hours that day does the sloth stay awake?

Big kids: If sloths have either 2 toes on every foot or 3 toes on every foot (with 4 feet in total), how many sloths could be in the room if they have 32 toes in total?  Bonus: Is it possible for a group of sloths to have 30 toes in total?

The sky’s the limit: If a sloth hustles along at 6 miles an hour, and you can run at 10 miles an hour, how much faster than the sloth can you cross a 30-mile forest?

Wee ones: You have the most toes, since you have 5!

Little kids: 2 more arms.  Bonus: 4 hours.

Big kids: There could be four 2-toed sloths (8 toes each), or one 2-toed sloth and two 3-toed sloths (12 toes each).  Bonus: No, because the total number of toes is always a multiple of 4, and 30 isn’t divisible by 4.

The sky’s the limit: 2 hours faster. The sloth will need 5 hours to “run” the 5 6-mile chunks, while you’ll need only 3 hours.

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