Speedy Shirt Switch

There are all kinds of strange world records, but this one is about a really normal thing: putting on a shirt. David Rush and Jonathan “Hollywood” Hannon broke the record for each pulling off their shirt, trading with the other and putting on the new shirt. They finished the trade in under 5 seconds! If you could put on a shirt that fast, how fast could you don a whole outfit for school?

Wee ones: Hold up a shirt and let it hang straight down. Is it taller or shorter than your whole body?

Little kids: The world record holders did this in less than 5 seconds. Count down from “5 alligator” to “1 alligator” to feel how short a time that is. Bonus: If you and your friend can do this silly shirt trade in 5 seconds, how long does it take you to trade shirts 5 times in a row? Count up by 5s if it helps!

Big kids: To get ready for school, you put on a shirt, a hoodie, underwear, pants, and 2 socks and 2 shoes. If each piece of clothing takes you 6 seconds (including each sock), how fast can you put on your whole outfit? Bonus: How fast would you have to put on each piece to shave 16 seconds off your total time?


Wee ones: The shirt is probably shorter than you are!

Little kids: 5 alligator, 4 alligator, 3 alligator, 2 alligator, 1 alligator. Bonus: 25 seconds.

Big kids: 48 seconds, since you have 8 items. Bonus: 4 seconds per item. To take off 16 seconds, you need to take 2 seconds off each item.

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