Ten Tricks for Rover

Have you ever tried to learn a new trick, like doing a headstand or spinning a pencil on your hand? It’s hard, isn’t it? Well, dogs love to learn tricks too, and if they can learn new things, so can we! This page shows ten great tricks that they say any dog can learn. It includes rolling over, fetching a ball, shaking a paw, giving a kiss on the cheek. Different trainers show each trick, but they all use treats to reward the dog. Watch these fluffy friends strut their stuff - and if you have a dog, your dog can try these tricks, too!

Wee Ones: If Poofles the poodle can sit, fetch, spin, and kiss, how many tricks does Poofles know?

Little Kids: Bud the beagle does a dance where he spins, then stands on his hind legs, then spins, then stands to repeat the pattern…then what is Bud’s 6th trick?
Bonus: Without counting it out, can you tell what Bud’s 10th trick will be?

Big Kids: Nolan the Newfie gives a kiss, then a hug, then a kiss, then a hug, over and over. Ruby the retriever gives a hug, then a kiss, then a pawshake, then a hug, a kiss…If they start their patterns that way, how many times in 24 tricks do Nolan and Ruby hug at the same time?
Bonus: At dog training day, 36 dogs try out these tricks. If 1/4 of them learn how to bark on command and a different 1/3 of them learn how to roll over, how many dogs learned a trick?


Wee Ones: 4 tricks.

Little Kids: Standing.
Bonus: Standing again! Every set of 2 ends in standing.

Big Kids: 4 times. Ruby will do her hug/kiss/shake set 8 times, and in every other set, the hug will be an even number: 4, 10, 16 and 22. And on any even number, Nolan gives a hug, too.
Bonus: 21 dogs, since it’s 9 + 12.

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