Summer of Numbers

Parents know to keep kids reading over the summer, but keeping math skills sharp is important, too. Avoid the “summer slide” and add some playful, mischief-making math to your summer routine!

Here’s how:

  • Bedtime Math posts a new math problem every night on our website and our free app.
  • Kids fill in a new star on their chart every time they do Bedtime Math (star stickers work great!)

Are you a librarian looking to add a little math to your summer reading program? Along with our fun charts, print out our parent flyer and poster below to help spread the word to your community!

At the end of the summer, kids can bring their charts back to the library for a certificate or a prize.

Here’s what some librarians had to say about Summer of Numbers:

“I love offering a more comprehensive summer program – why not throw in a little math along with the reading?”

– Michael A., Youth Services Supervisor

“It’s a fun way for kids (and families) to see how math relates to our wild and wonderful world!”

– Carol L., Youth Services Librarian

“Kids were really excited about the program, and felt really good about the math they did over the summer.”

– Tammy L., Children’s Service Specialist