From Baskets to Hoops

March Madness is hitting high gear, with Sweet 16 games tonight. But did you know basketball hasn’t always been played with an orange bouncy ball? The game used to be played with a soccer ball until the basketball was invented in 1894. And that’s not all, before basketball hoops were invented, the game was played with a peach basket instead! Go on and take a shot at the questions below.

Wee Ones: If you have 1 ball and 2 hoops on the court, how many objects is that in total?

Little Kids: Team Ballers has 6 points. How many more points does the team need to score to get a total of 10 points?
Bonus: Team Ballers got 10 points. If Team Dunkers got double the amount of points as Team Ballers, how many points did Team Dunkers get?

Big Kids: If the game lasts for 1 hour and 120 seconds, how many minutes does the game last? (Hint: there are 60 minutes in 1 hour and 60 seconds in 1 minute).
Bonus: Before they could start the game, they needed to take all of the peaches out of the peach basket. If it takes them 140 seconds to remove 14 peaches from the peach basket, how long does it take to remove each peach?


Wee Ones: 3 objects.

Little Kids: 4 more points.
Bonus: 20 points.

Big Kids: 62 minutes.
Bonus: 10 seconds per peach.

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