When Your Dad’s 100 Years Older Than You

How old are you? 90 years old sounds really old, right? Well, Mr. Pickles, a tortoise who’s almost one century old, just became a dad at the Houston Zoo this week! His long-time partner Mrs. Pickles - who’s “only” 56 years old - laid 3 eggs that hatched into super cute baby tortoises. Suddenly Mr. and Mrs. Pickles are back to chasing kids. Luckily kid tortoises don’t run fast…

Wee Ones: The 3 babies aren’t exactly the same size. Find 3 items in your room, and line them up from biggest to smallest.

Little Kids: If you take a baby tortoise for a walk, how many legs do you have all together? (Hint if needed: Tortoises have 4 legs.)
Bonus: How many legs do the 3 babies and their 2 parents have in total? Count up by 4s!

Big Kids: Imagine Mr. Pickles has had lots of kids. If he’s had 3 kids every year for 47 straight years, how many kids has he had?
Bonus: If Mr. Pickles’ dad was 90 when he was born, and his grandpa was 90 when his dad was born…in what year was Grandpa Pickles born?


Wee Ones: Items might include toys, shoes, stuffed animals, even furniture like chairs.

Little Kids: 6 legs.
Bonus: 20 legs. 4, 8, 12, 16, 20.

Big Kids: 141 kids - whoa.
Bonus: In 1753, before the American Revolution! (270 years ago)

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