From Bug Soup to Butterfly

Most baby animals are cute, but the change from caterpillar to butterfly is kind of gross. First, the caterpillar eats nonstop, and grows really fast for about 2 weeks, weighing 200 times as much by the end of it! Then it hangs onto a tree branch and sheds its outer skin, leaving a harder skin called a “chrysalis.” Over 2 more weeks, the caterpillar’s body turns into goop and re-forms into a butterfly. Finally the butterfly crawls out and pops open its wings. A lot prettier than the goop it came from!

Wee ones: Like all insects, a butterfly has 6 legs. Is that more or fewer legs than you have?

Little kids: If the caterpillar eats for 2 weeks, how many days is that?  Bonus: If that all starts on a Monday, what’s the 5th day the caterpillar pigs out?

Big kids: If you started eating nonstop on March 20th, what’s the date of your 14th day of eating? (Reminder if needed: March has 31 days.)  Bonus: What if you weighed 200 times as much after that as you do now? What would you weigh? (Hint if needed: Multiplying by 200 is the same as multiplying by 2, then by 100.)

The sky’s the limit: If the whole caterpillar “metamorphosis” (growth and chrysalis) takes exactly 4 weeks, and a caterpillar partway through that has 6 times as much time left as it’s already done, how many days of metamorphosis has the little guy done?

Wee ones: The butterfly has more legs!

Little kids: 14 days.  Bonus: That Friday.

Big kids: April 2. March 21 is the 2nd day, so March 31 is the 12th day, then we count forward 2 more.  Bonus: Different for everyone…multiply your weight in pounds by 200.

The sky’s the limit: 4 days down, 24 days to go. Whatever part the caterpillar has lived already, it has 6 parts left of the same size, so there are 7 of those parts total…and 1/7 of 28 is 4 days.

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