Wearing Your Favorite Food

Our sense of smell is a big part of tasting food. If you pinch your nose and take a bite of apple and a bite of onion, the two foods will taste the same! But French fries smell so good that the Idaho Potato Commission has made a French-fry-scented perfume. Spritz a little on your wrist and you’ll smell like a French fry all day. The question is, do you want to? 

Wee ones: Look at the picture. Are the puffy French fry clouds equal sizes? 

Little kids: If you hand $2 to the cashier for the $1.89 French fry perfume, how much money do you get back? Bonus: How many ways could they give you back coins to make that amount?

Big kids: If it takes 90 days to grow a potato, 1 day to cut that potato into fries, and 23 days to turn those fries into perfume, how long does it take all together? Bonus: If you have a potato slicer that turns 1 potato into 16 fries, how many potatoes do you need to slice to make at least 130 fries? 


Wee ones: No, they are each a different size! 

Little kids: $0.11. Bonus: We count 4 possible combinations to make 11 cents: 11 pennies; 6 pennies + 1 nickel; 1 penny + 2 nickels; 1 penny + 1 dime. 

Big kids: 114 days. Bonus: 9 potatoes, because 8 potatoes make only 128 fries.

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