Wearing Your Favorite Food

Have you ever gotten hungry just from smelling food? Lots of our favorite foods have delicious scents. In fact, smell is a big part of taste: they say if you pinch your nose and take a bite of apple and a bite of onion, the two foods will taste the same! But we bet you won’t confuse French fries with any other food. That’s why the Idaho Potato Commission has just made a French-fry flavored, er, scented, perfume. Now you can spritz a little on your wrist and smell like a fry all day. The bottles cost $1.89, about the price of an order of fries – but the perfume lasts longer. 

Wee ones: Look at the picture. Are the puffy French fry clouds equal sizes? 

Little kids: If you hand $2 to the cashier for the $1.89 French fry perfume, how much money do you get back? Bonus: How many ways could they give you back coins to make that amount?

Big kids: If it takes 90 days to grow a potato, 1 day to cut that potato into fries, and 23 days to turn those fries into perfume, how long does it take all together? Bonus: If you have a potato slicer that turns 1 potato into 16 fries, how many potatoes do you need to slice to make at least 130 fries? 


Wee ones: No, they are each a different size! 

Little kids: $0.11. Bonus: We count 4 possible combinations to make 11 cents: 11 pennies; 6 pennies + 1 nickel; 1 penny + 2 nickels; 1 penny + 1 dime. 

Big kids: 114 days. Bonus: 9 potatoes, because 8 potatoes make only 128 fries.

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