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Train Ride in the Sky
August 16th, 2021

From height to speed, roller coasters are full of math. And what better day to celebrate the tallest of the tall and fastest of the fast roller coasters than on National Roller Coaster Day? Read on to find out just how high and fast you can go with these radical rides – and speed through the math!

Your Own Backyard Waterslide
May 29th, 2021

What can $81 buy you? Apparently an old amusement park waterslide for your backyard! Read on to see how an amusement park’s trash was one grandpa’s treasure – and slide your way through the math.

Roller Coaster through Your Kitchen
December 23rd, 2019

How would you like to run a roller coaster right through your home? It could start at any high spot, run through bedrooms and the kitchen, and pop out the front door. Someone actually built a coaster like this as a way to sell a house. Read on to see how one Dutch realtor crunched the numbers to create the most fun way to tour a house in style.

Roller Coaster Pro
June 8th, 2015

Do you have a favorite amusement park ride? How many times have you ridden it? We bet it’s not as many times as Vic Kleman has ridden his! Read on to do the math on how all his rides of the Jack Rabbit roller coaster have added up over the years.