Sheep on the Beach

We've seen that sheep love to parade. Sheep might also enjoy a day at the beach. But one sheep, Fiona, got stuck on a beach for more than 2 years! She was between the sea and some cliffs she couldn’t climb, so some helpful people gave her a lift - and then a haircut. All that wool was sold for money to help other animals in Scotland, where Fiona lives. And now she’s ready to get back on her boogie board.

Wee Ones: Which is bigger in the picture: the yellow sunscreen or the sheep?

Little Kids: Fiona’s flip-flop has 8 stripes in 2 colors: yellow and blue. If 4 stripes are blue, how many are yellow?
Bonus: If Fiona goes through one squeeze bottle of sunscreen every 12 days, does a squeeze bottle last more than 1 week?

Big Kids: If Fiona grew 60 pounds of wool and each pound of wool can make 1/2 mile of yarn, how many miles of yarn do those 60 pounds make?
Bonus: If Fiona weighs 240 pounds, what fraction of her weight is that 60 pounds of wool?


Wee Ones: The sheep is bigger than the sunscreen. 

Little Kids: 4 stripes are yellow.
Bonus: Yes - it lasts nearly 2 weeks.

Big Kids: 30 miles of yarn.
Bonus: 1/4 of her weight - imagine if your hair weighed that much!

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