Grab a Slice – or 8,000

A pizza party has an easy formula: for every 4 people partying, you order (or make!) 1 pizza, so that everyone can have 2 slices. But throwing a Guinness World Record pizza party isn’t so simple: to break the record, everyone had to eat their 2 slices in just 15 minutes. Luckily, Andolini’s Pizza did it. They cranked out 1,000 hot pizzas for 3,357 hungry Tulsa basketball fans. The question is, how many leftover slices were there – and who got to eat them?   

Wee ones: How is the shape of a pizza like the shape of a basketball? 

Little kids: If you *and* 2 friends share 6 slices of pizza equally, how many slices does each person get? Bonus: If you eat pizza on a Thursday, and then invite your friends again the next Tuesday, how many days later is your next party? 

Big kids: How do you say the number 3,357? Take a look and read it! Bonus: What is the fewest number of 8-slice pizzas Andolini’s could have made to give 2 slices each to the 3,357 fans?  


Wee ones: They are both round: a pizza and a basketball both look like a circle from above. 

Little kids: 2 slices each, since there are 3 people. Bonus: 5 days later. 

Big kids: Three thousand three hundred fifty-seven. Bonus: 840 pizzas, because 839 pizzas would give you 6,712 slices, but you need 6,714 slices for 3,357 people.

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