The Tastiest “Type” of Waffles

Fluffy waffles taste great in any shape: a square, a circle, a rectangle, or really any shape that has those square holes to catch the syrup. Well, the best shape of all may be a waffle shaped like your computer. Someone invented a waffle iron that stamps out waffles with little pockets shaped just like the keys on a keyboard: 4 rows of squares for the letters and numbers, rectangles for Backspace and Enter, and a really long skinny pocket for the space bar. Computer keys are squares and rectangles, so it works out perfectly!

Wee ones: How many sides does a square have?

Little kids: If there are 3 big keys at the left end, 4 on the right end, and the big space bar along the bottom, how many big syrup-y keys are there?  Bonus: If you drizzle syrup on every other key in the top row starting with the 1st key, how many of those 14 keys will catch syrup?

Big kids: If the 4 rows of keys have 12, 11, 11 and 10 square keys respectively, how many keys does that give you?  Bonus: If those cover the 26 letter keys and 10 digit keys (1, 2, 3, etc.), how many other keys does the board have?

The sky’s the limit: The inventors needed $50,000 to build a factory to make these waffle irons. If they spent the first $8,000 to build the factory machines, and it then costs $200 to make each waffle iron, how many irons can they make with the money raised?

Wee ones: 4 sides.

Little kids: 8 keys.  Bonus: 7 keys.

Big kids: 44 keys.  Bonus: 8 keys, since 36 are covered by letters and numbers.

The sky’s the limit: They’ll have $42,000 left to make the irons, so they can make 210 irons.

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