Toy Tiger on a Trip

Do you have a favorite stuffed animal? One little boy named Owen left his favorite stuffed tiger Hobbes behind in an airport by accident. Luckily, an airport worker found Hobbes — and then, while they waited for Owen to fly back, he took Hobbes on his own adventure around the airport. Now Owen and Hobbes are happily together again, and ready for their next adventure.

Wee ones: If Hobbes visited the traffic control tower, the ice cream shop, the gym and the pool, how many places did Hobbes visit?

Little kids: If Hobbes took 2 photos in each of those 4 spots, how many photos did the book have? Count up by 2s!  Bonus: If Owen flew out midday Friday and came back to Tampa midday on the next Tuesday, how many days later was that?

Big kids: If Hobbes spent 10 minutes at the gym, twice as long eating ice cream, and 10 minutes longer riding a luggage cart than he spent eating, how long did those adventures take all together?  Bonus: What fraction of that time did he spend riding the cart?




Wee ones: 4 places.

Little kids: 8 photos.  Bonus: 4 days.

Big kids: 1 hour (60 minutes), since it took 10+20+30.  Bonus: 1/2 the time, since it took 30 of the 60 minutes.

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