Super Bowl Fat-Fest

Millions of people watch the Super Bowl from home with family or friends –and eat a ton of food. Food has “calories,” the amount of energy it gives you. Grown-ups need about 2000-3000 calories a day, but during the Super Bowl people eat 6,600 calories! In total, Americans will eat more than 1 billion chicken wings, 11 million slices of pizza, 11 million potato chips, and 8 million pounds of tortilla chips…and the fans of the losing team will eat more than the winner’s fans.

Wee ones: If during the game you eat chicken wings, pizza, potato chips, tortilla chips, and cookies, how many foods is that (and how full do you feel)?

Little kids: If you, your dog, and 5 friends watch the game, how many people need to be fed? Bonus: If each person eats 2 slices of pizza, will a 16-slice pizza be enough for you all?

Big kids: If a slice of pizza has 600 calories and your uncle eats 6 slices, how many calories does he eat just from that? Bonus: We can burn off about 300 calories an hour by exercising. If he should eat only 3,000 calories a day, how long does he have to run to work off the extra fat?

The sky’s the limit: If America eats 1 billion chicken wings and they come 10 to a box, how many boxes of wings do we eat?

Wee ones: 5 foods.

Little kids: 6 people — the dog doesn’t count, even if he likes pizza. Bonus: Yes, since you’ll all eat 12 slices.

Big kids: 3,600 calories. Bonus: 2 hours, since he ate 600 extra.

The sky’s the limit: 100 million boxes.

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