Taking a Peep at Easter

Today is Easter Sunday, the day that Christians celebrate the rising of Jesus from the dead. That leads to fun, colorful Easter eggs, because eggs are a symbol of life: they hatch into chicks. So we also have the silly Easter treat called “Peeps.” Machines crank out 2 BILLION peeps each year, which if laid end to end would stretch around the Earth 3 whole times. That’s a lot for us to eat on Easter.

Wee ones: These Peeps are yellow. Try to find 4 yellow things in your room.

Little kids: If you can fit 3 Peeps in each hand, how many Peeps can you hold at once?  Bonus: If you eat 1 of those 6 Peeps, how many do you have left?

Big kids: If you eat a Peep on Easter Sunday, then on Wednesday, then on Saturday, then on Tuesday…what day do you eat a Peep next to keep the pattern?  Bonus: If the Peep people make exactly 5 million peeps every day, does that reach 2 billion Peeps in a year? (Reminder if needed: There are 365 days in a year.)


Wee ones: Items might include shirts, socks, crayons, markers, or stuffed animal chicks!

Little kids: 6 Peeps.  Bonus: 5 Peeps.

Big kids: On Friday, since you eat one every 3 days.  Bonus: Not quite. 5 million Peeps per day comes to 1,825 million or 1,825,000,000, which is 1.825 billion — a little less than 2 billion.

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