Ring in the Onions

Onions may be super stinky, and slicing them might make your eyes sting. But onions can do something fun that most foods can’t: pop apart into cute little circles, or rings. If you dip those rings in  batter and fry them in hot oil, they become crispy golden onion rings. Today is National Onion Ring Day, so what better time to celebrate these crunchy treats? Unlike a gold ring, they won’t last long!

Wee ones: What shape is an onion ring?

Little kids: If your first slice from the top of the onion makes 3 rings, and the next slice makes 5 and the next makes 7…how many rings does the next slice probably make?  Bonus: If it takes 10 minutes to fry your onion rings and you start at 6:20 pm, when will you finish?

Big kids: If you can cut 20 onion rings from 1 onion, at least how many onions do you need to feed 90 people 1 ring apiece?  Bonus: Some say the onion ring was invented back in the year 1802! How long ago was that? (Right now we’re in 2024.)

Wee ones: A circle.

Little kids: 9 rings.  Bonus: At 6:30 pm.

Big kids: 5 onions, since 4 onions will make only 80 rings.  Bonus: 222 years ago.

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