Pass the Alligator, Please

Do you feel like you eat the same things for dinner over and over? Is it time to mix things up? If you think so, do we have the list for you! This Food Challenge webpage lists 100 crazy foods that people really do eat. You can eat them, then check them off after you try them. The list has everything from A to Z, from abalone (a gooey sea creature) to zucchini flowers (from the squash plant of the same name). Other fun-sounding snacks include kangaroo, bird’s-nest soup, and alligator. If you don’t mind eating things that have more teeth than you do, this list might give you some new ideas.

Wee ones: Which has more legs, an alligator (4 legs) or an octopus (8 legs)?

Little kids: If you like to eat prickly pear cactus every 3rd day, what’s the biggest number of times you can eat it in 1 week?  Bonus: If you eat only your 3 favorite dinners — burgers, hot dogs, and alligator — in repeating order, how many times will you eat each food in the next 9 days?

Big kids: If you’ve eaten 58 of the 100 foods on the Food Challenge, how many do you have left to try?  Bonus: If you eat snails, s’mores, alligator, baba ghanoush and fried catfish in that repeating order, how many times will you eat alligator in a 30-day month?













Wee ones: The octopus has more legs.

Little kids: 3 times, if you start on Sunday, since you then eat it Wednesday and Saturday.  Bonus: 3 times.

Big kids: 42 foods left.  Bonus: 6 times, since you’ll fit 6 sets of 5-dinner stretches in 1 month.

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