Going for a Dip – in Chocolate

No matter how yummy your favorite snack — apple, banana, pound cake — it probably tastes even better dipped in something warm and gooey. That’s what “fondue” is. You melt cheese or chocolate in a pot. Then you stick bite-sized chunks of food onto long, skinny forks, and dip them into the melted yumminess. You can also heat oil and cook chunks of steak. But pay close attention: if you drop your steak or cake in the pot, you have to kiss the person to your left!

Wee ones: If you dip apple in chocolate, then dip banana, then apple, then banana…what comes next?

Little kids: If you dip 5 strawberries and 3 raspberries into the chocolate, how many berries do you dip in total?  Bonus: How many more strawberries than raspberries do you dip?

Big kids: If you dip an apple slice, then a banana slice, then cake, then apple again, banana and cake to repeat, what’s the 20th bite you eat?  Bonus: If you put out 24 marshmallows and 35 cubes of Rice Krispie treat for dipping, and each person takes 3 marshmallows and 5 Krispie cubes, which one will run out first?

Wee ones: A piece of apple.

Little kids: 8 berries.  Bonus: 2 more strawberries.

Big kids: Banana, since all multiples of 3 (like the 18th bite) will be cake; then you start over.  Bonus: The Krispie treats. There are enough cubes for just 7 people, but enough marshmallows for 8.

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