Explosion of Diamonds

When hot lava explodes from a volcano, it can melt just about anything in its way – but not diamond. So some cooled lava rocks have diamonds inside them! You’d have to sort through about 250 dump trucks of lava to find 1 carat of diamonds (1/141 of an ounce). But there are other materials inside lava, too. If you buy lava rocks for a grill, put a rock in a sock and smash it with a hammer (with a grown-up’s help). Here at Bedtime Math we found chips of white quartz in ours. See if you find anything!

Wee ones: Lava rocks for the grill are about the size of your fist. Find 3 objects in your room about that size.

Little kids: If you smash 6 rocks and 1 has a diamond in it, how many don’t?  Bonus: If you buy a bag of 10 lava rocks and count them as you crack them open, what’s the second to last number you say?

Big kids: If you’re cracking open 40 lava rocks, of which 22 have a diamond and 27 have gold inside them, what’s the smallest possible number of rocks that have both?  Bonus: If you can find one diamond in every 250 dump trucks of lava, how many should you find in 1,000 trucks?


Wee ones: Items might include small stuffed animals, toy balls, or regular rocks from outside!

Little kids: 5 rocks.  Bonus: 9.

Big kids: 9 rocks, since only 18 of the 27 gold ones can have no diamond.  Bonus: 4 diamonds, since you have 4 sets of 250 trucks.

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