How to Dance in 100 Places

Do you like to dance? Do you know any cool moves? People who like to dance like to learn hundreds of new steps, as many as they can. This guy took it one step further: Matt Bray danced in 100 places. He danced each move in 3, 4 or even 5 places, then connected the pieces of video perfectly with the music. He looks like he just keeps dancing while the scenery changes. Then he switches to the next step in the routine, a hip hop step or a moonwalk, and does that in a few more places. See if you can guess where he is in each part of the video — and see if you can dance like him!

Wee ones: If you do 8 big hops to the music, what numbers do you say to count them? Try it!

Little kids: If Matt moonwalks 3 steps in the first spot, 2 in the next, and 4 in the one after that, how many steps has he moonwalked?  Bonus: If he did all but 2 of those with his right foot, how many did he do with his right foot?

Big kids: If it took Matt 2 hours to film in each spot except for 5 hours at the very last place, how long did it take him to film in 100 places?  Bonus: If you want to dance each move in exactly 4 places, how many cool moves do you need to know to cover 100 places?




Wee ones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Little kids: 9 steps.  Bonus: 7 steps.

Big kids: 203 hours: It would have been 200, but switching the last 2 hours to 5 adds 3.  Bonus: 25 moves.

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