The People Who Really Count

How high can you count? Once you learn 1 through 10 and every set of 10 – that’s 20, 30. 40, up to 90 and 100 – after that you can make new numbers really easily, starting with 101. Then once you reach ten hundreds, or a thousand, you start all over again with 1,001! A guy named Jeremy Harper once counted out loud all the way to 1 million. It took almost 3 months, and he said more than 11,000 numbers a day!

Wee ones: Can you count up to your age? Try it! How much farther can you go?

Little kids: How many numbers can you count?  Bonus: If you count off every other number to go higher, starting with 2 and 4, what are the next 4 numbers you say?

Big kids: Bigger numbers take longer to say. Can you say the number 2,386 out loud?  Bonus: In 2007 Jeremy counted from June 18 to September 14. How many days was that, including the first and last? (Hint if needed: What if you went to Sept. 18? June has 30 days, while July and August each have 31.)

Wee ones: Different for everyone…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…see how high you can make it!

Little kids: Again, different for everyone. Let us know how far you make it!  Bonus: 6, 8, 10 and 12.

Big kids: Two thousand three hundred eighty-six.  Bonus: 89 days. July 17 makes 30 days, then August 17 takes you to 61, then Sept 17 brings you to 92, then subtract 3 to back up to Sept 14.

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