Car Wash of Doom

Let's keep celebrating Math Awareness Month with another fun video! Today we see our friend Kevin take a job at the Car Wash of Doom. As you'd guess from the name, just about everything goes wrong at this car wash -- and it would all go better if Kevin could do the math. Regular car washes do a pretty good job: there are more than 110,000 car washes in the US, and together they wash 8 million cars a day! Hopefully they do a better job than our friend here -- watch to find out why!

Wee Ones: Car washes use water. Run your sink faucet while you count to 10, then turn it off. Is the sink a little full, halfway full, or totally full? Try it again at a different speed!

Little Kids: If Kevin's power washer knocks off 2 front tires and 1 back tire, how many tires does he knock off?
Bonus: If 8 fish come out of the hose and all but 3 of them squirt into the car, how many fish land in the car?

Big Kids: Many car washes close during freezing weather. If your car wash runs from the start of March to the end of November, during how many months is it open?
Bonus: If America washes 8 million cars a day, how many days would it take to wash a car for every one of our 320 million people? (Hint if needed: How many days would it take to wash 32 million cars? and then how does the answer differ?)


Wee Ones: Different for everyone...see how fast your tub fills!

Little Kids: 3 tires.
Bonus: 5 fish.

Big Kids: 9 months.
Bonus: 40 days. It would take 4 days to wash 32 million cars, then you need 10 times as long for 10 times as many cars.

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