Big Mouth

The pelican is that tropical bird with the funny sack hanging from its beak, which it uses it to eat. Pelicans fly over lakes and oceans, and scoop up fish in that sack. They drain out the extra water, then turn the fish around to swallow it head first. Pelicans live on every continent except Antarctica, so fish everywhere need to watch out!

Wee ones: If 2 pelicans and a shy seagull are having a picnic, how many birds is that in total?

Little kids: Of the 7 continents (big land areas), pelicans live on all but one, Antarctica. How many continents have pelicans? Bonus: If you can fit 3 little fish in your mouth and your pet pelican can hold 11 more than that, how many can a pelican hold?

Big kids: If your pet pelican scoops up fish every 20 minutes starting at 2:10 pm, how many meals will it have by 5:00 pm? Bonus: How many pounds of fish does a 29-pound pelican need to chug down to weigh the same as you?

Wee ones: 3 birds.

Little kids: 6 continents. Bonus: 14 fish.

Big kids: 9 meals. Bonus: Different for everyone…subtract 29 from your weight in pounds!

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