Cake on Wheels

We’re not sure making this car was a piece of cake, but it is a BIG piece of cake! This cake car is the new fastest and longest-traveling edible vehicle on Earth. There are some non-cake parts in it: a metal frame like a bike, and rubber tires, but those parts weigh just 63 pounds, while the cake weighs 595 pounds. The car rolled 350 feet, hitting a top speed of 17 MPH. After the world record was set, they carved the car into cake slices so everyone could fuel up!

Wee ones: A car – even one made out of cake – has 4 wheels. Can you count to 4 out loud?

Little kids: The seat of this car is made out of Rice Krispie treats. If the seat is 9 treats wide and 1 treat taller than it is wide, how many treats tall is it? Bonus: The cake in the car weighed 595 pounds. If the driver ate 3 pounds of cake, how many pounds would the cake part weigh then?

Big kids: If a cake car can go 17 miles in 1 hour, how far can it travel in 3 hours? Bonus: You have to be able to eat 9 out of every 10 pounds of a car for it to count as an “edible vehicle”. Would a car made out of 85 pounds of cake and 15 pounds of non-edible parts count as an edible vehicle?
Wee ones: 1, 2, 3, 4!

Little kids: 10 treats tall! Bonus: 592 pounds.

Big kids: 51 miles! Bonus: No, if a car weighed 100 total pounds, it would need to be at least 90 pounds of cake to count as edible.

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