A Moving Memorial

This year Memorial Day is today, May 29. But that date changes each year because the holiday has to land on the last Monday of May. Also, did you know that any date falls on the next day of week the following year? If your birthday was on a Tuesday this year, it will be on a Wednesday next year…unless the next year is a leap year. Let’s see how the days and dates get moving!

Wee ones: How many birthdays have you had? Count up from 1 to your age!

Little kids: If today is Monday, what days of the week are tomorrow and the day after? Bonus: May has 31 days in total. How many more days does May have than February, which has 28 days?

Big kids: If Memorial Day is always the last Monday of May, what’s the earliest May date it can be?  Bonus: Find out or try to remember what day of the week your last birthday was. What day of the week will the next one be?

Wee ones: Different for everyone…count 1, 2, 3 and so on up to your age!

Little kids: Tuesday and Wednesday.  Bonus: 3 more days.

Big kids: May 25. Why? Because if it were May 24, May 31 would be a Monday too, and *that* would have to become Memorial Day – just like this year!  Bonus: Different for everyone…find your last birthday’s day of week, and move it 1 day farther into the week.

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