Sure, most cats are soft and furry. But this one has gone bonkers. Sophie here holds the Guinness World Record for the longest cat fur. Measuring more than 10 inches long, Sophie’s fur might be longer than your hair. Her owners have to brush her 2-3 times every week to keep it neat! Sophie looks kind of grumpy about all this, but now that she holds a world record, maybe she’ll think it’s worth it.

Wee ones: If Sophie’s fur is 10 inches long and your hair is 6 inches long, whose is longer?

Little kids: The previous recordholder, Colonel Meow, had fur 1 inch shorter than Sophie’s. How long was Colonel Meow’s fur?  Bonus: They say eating salmon (a type of fish) makes your hair soft and healthy. If Sophie eats salmon twice a day, how many times does she eat it in a week?

Big kids: If Sophie’s fur grows 1 inch every 2 months starting now, could it be 14 inches long by next May? (We’re starting September now.)  Bonus: If Sophie needs 2 more brushings this week (Wednesday through Saturday) on any 2 days, how many different pairs of days could she be brushed?

Wee ones: Sophie’s fur is longer!

Little kids: 9 inches.  Bonus: 14 times.

Big kids: Yes! It will reach 14 after 4 sets of 2 months, which brings us to April.  Bonus: 6 pairs: We-Th, We-Fr, We-Sa, then Th-Fr, Th-Sa, and finally Fr-Sa. That’s 3+2+1=6.

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