From Toys to Trash to Toys

April 22 is Earth Day! One way we can take better care of Earth is by recycling instead of piling up trash. You can turn old paper into new paper, old metal cans into new cans. But can you recycle a broken toy? Yes! TerraCycle can break down the plastic into tiny pellets, then use those pellets to make a new toy, a pen, or even a playground! So if a toy you love isn’t working any more, send it to Terracycle and give it a whole new life.

Wee ones: Do you see more white or blue balloons floating above the playground in the picture?

Little kids: If a slide is 5 feet tall and the playground is 3 feet taller than that, how tall is the playground? Bonus: If you had a toy for 4 years before it broke, and then it sat around for twice as many years before you sent in the toy to be recycled into a slide, for how many years did you have it at home?

Big kids: If it takes 3 remote-control cars to make 1 pound of plastic pellets and 5 pounds can make 1 monkey bar, how many toy carsdo you need for that monkey bar? Bonus: If a playground has 4 blue steps, then 1 red step, then 3 green steps, and all those steps are the same height and add up to a height of 5 feet 4 inches, how tall is each step? (Reminder if needed:1 foot = 12 inches.)

Wee ones: We see 4 blue balloons, and 3 white balloons, so more blue than white!

Little kids: 8 feet tall. Bonus: 12 years, because you played with it for 4 years, then had it sitting for 4 + 4 = 8 years. 4 + 8 = 12.

Big kids: 15 cars, because 3 x 5 = 15. Bonus: Each step is 8 inches tall.

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