What’s the Best Stuffed Animal?

Do you like stuffed animals? Even though people have had live pets for thousands of years, stuffed animals have been around only since the 1800s. Teddy bears are the most famous stuffed animal, but we have just about any other animal, too: giraffes, hedgehogs, even this cute furry squid. How many furry feet do they have? How many legs? Try the math below to find out!

Wee ones: If you have a blue stuffed bear, an orange bunny, a purple hedgehog, and a deep pink squid, how many stuffed animals do you have?

Little kids: If the squid has 10 “legs” (tentacles) and the bunny has 4 legs, how many “legs” do they have together?  Bonus: How many more “legs” does the squid have than the bunny?

Big kids: If you have 3 bears, twice as many bunnies as bears, and 2 more stuffed puppies than bears and bunnies together, how many stuffed animals do you have in total?  Bonus: If you stick your hands under the sheets and grab one of those animals, what are the chances you’ll grab a bunny?

Wee ones: 4 stuffed animals.

Little kids: 14 legs.  Bonus: 6 more legs.

Big kids: 20 animals, since you have 3 bears, 6 bunnies, and 11 puppies.  Bonus: Your chances are 6 out of 20, which is the same as 3 out of 10 or 30%.

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