Quack If You Like Ducks

Most of us, including the grown-ups, love bath toys. Rubber ducks, boats, and other squirt toys bobbing up and down in the water have to make bath time more fun. But how about 5,000 rubber ducks?! Charlotte Lee seems to like that idea: in 2011 she broke the world record for the biggest collection of rubber ducks, at 5,631. She’s been collecting them since 1996, and still holds the record – and lots and lots of ducks – today. Wee ones: If you have 5 rubber ducks, what numbers would you say to count them? Little kids: If you have 4 small rubber ducks and 2 big ones, how many rubber ducks do you have? Bonus: If all but 3 of them can squirt, how many squirty ducks do you have? Big kids: For how many years had Charlotte collected ducks if she started in 1996 and had the record number in 2011? Bonus: How would you try to guess the number of ducks you see in that photo? Answers: Wee ones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Little kids: 6 ducks. Bonus: 3 squirty ducks. Big kids: 15 years. Bonus: Lots of ways to do this…for instance, you could count out 5 and then see how many times that chunk shows up, then add the ones sitting around the edge. Our best shot at actual counting came to about 114, but see what you get!

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