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Running Like a Monkey

by Laura Overdeck

When you want to get somewhere fast, you run — using your 2 legs. Well, that’s not how some people do it. As silly as it is, there’s a whole set of people who like to run on all fours, like a dog, cheetah or squirrel. A guy named Katsumi Tamakoshi holds the world record for running the 100-meter dash on his hands and feet. He did it in 15.86 seconds, beating record holder Kenichi Ito. This funny video shows Kenichi racing against 6 other people, all of them loping along like monkeys. Top athletes run the 100 meter on 2 legs in under 10 seconds, but clearly these guys aren’t in a hurry to get somewhere.

Wee ones: Hold up your hands. Now sit and hold up your feet. How many do you have of each?

Little kids: If you can run across the room in 8 seconds but crawl across in 11 seconds, which way takes longer?  Bonus: How long would it take to run across and then crawl back?

Big kids: Kenichi races against 6 other people in the video. How many total arms and legs do they have?  Bonus: If Katsumi runs the 100-meter dash in about 16 seconds, how fast could he run 1000 meters at the same pace?











Wee ones: 2 hands, 2 feet.

Little kids: Crawling is slower!  Bonus: 19 seconds.

Big kids: 28 limbs (14 arms, 14 legs) for the 7 people in total.  Bonus: 160 seconds, since it’s 10 times as far.

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