It Smells Like 3 O’Clock

Why do dogs sniff everything? Because they can smell everything – or at least so much more than we can. Dogs can pick up scents from 40 feet underground — more than the height of a house! Dogs can also tell how old a smell is, and can sense when the smell in a room starts changing. Human noses have about 5 million “receptors,” while dog noses have more than 220 million!

Wee ones: If you, your friend and your dog go for a walk, how may noses do you have all together?

Little kids: If a dog can smell down to 40 feet below ground, and you’re in a tunnel 30 feet below ground, can the dog smell you?  Bonus: How many more feet down could you dig and still be smellable by that dog?

Big kids: If there are 4 noses in the room, but twice as many dog legs as people legs, how many dogs and people are in the room?  Bonus: If you have 5 million scent receptors in your nose, and a puppy has 60 million, how many times as many does the puppy have compared to you?

Wee ones: 3 noses.

Little kids: Yes! You’re less than 40 feet below.  Bonus: 10 more feet.

Big kids: 2 dogs, 2 people. A dog by itself has twice as many legs as a person, so there are equal numbers of dogs and people. So we split 4 in half.  Bonus: 12 times as many.

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