A Better Kind of “Square Dance”

We are loving this wild video sent by our fan Catherine M. Two guys named Sadeck and Ammar do a hip-hop-like dance — but it all involves making shapes. They snap their arms into squares, diamonds, Xs and other forms, all to the beat of the music. See how many shapes you can spot!

Wee ones: What shape are they making here? Count the sides!

Little kids: Find a grown-up or another family member, and make a square together with your arms. See how fast you can do it! Bonus: How many fingers do those 2 guys have together?

Big kids: If Sadeck and Ammar make a big square, then an L, then a little square, then an X, then a big square again to repeat the pattern, what’s the 18th shape? Bonus: What’s the 118th shape? See if you can get it without counting all the way up.










Wee ones: A square, which has 4 sides.

Little kids: Make a square with your arms and someone else’s! Bonus: 20 fingers.

Big kids: An L. Every multiple of 4 is the last shape (an X), and 18 is 2 shapes past that. Bonus: Also an L. 100 is a multiple of 4, so you start over just as with 1. So 118 will be the same as 18.

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