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1,000-Pound Pumpkin
October 29th, 2019

If you live in America, you might want to carve a pumpkin for Halloween, or at least roll a couple onto your front lawn for decoration. Well, you’d better get your muscles in shape if you’re buying your pumpkins from farmer Keith Edwards, who’s grown 7 huge pumpkins that together weigh over 7,000 pounds! Read on to work your math muscles with this giant pumpkin math.

The Straw That Broke the Gator’s Back
October 12th, 2019

Hey, is that a real live monster-sized alligator? Read on to find out – and see how math, art, and nature come together!

The 40th-ish State
August 19th, 2019

Today we’re visiting either the 39th or the 40th state to join our country: North Dakota! We don’t know whether North or South Dakota became a state first. The President at the time, Benjamin Harrison, didn’t want either state bragging about being first, the way your older sibling might. So he shuffled the certificates that made them […]

French Fry-daho
August 13th, 2019

Idaho is called The Gem State, but you can find another great thing in the ground there: potatoes! Idaho grows more potatoes than any other state. Last year, that added up to 13.5 billion pounds of potatoes – 41 pounds for every person in America. There are all kinds of ways to eat potatoes, but […]

A Pumpkin That Packs a Punch
October 1st, 2015

Ever wonder just how “great” the Great Pumpkin of Charlie Brown fame was? Well, if it was anything like the size of the new largest pumpkin in North America, you’d need a forklift to get it anywhere! Read on to weigh in on the pumpkin math.

Picking the Winners
November 4th, 2014

Today is Election Day, when grown-ups get to choose the people they want to have running our government. With the country, each state, and each city and town having its own government, there are a lot of people running for office today and hoping the numbers add up for them!