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Who Invented Hopscotch?
April 16th, 2020

Have you ever played hopscotch? If so, you know that it can get tricky. But did you know people have been playing hopscotch for over 1,000 years? Read on to find out more about this great game – and get hopping with the math!

We’re Real Rear Wheels – Say It 10 Times Fast!
April 10th, 2020

Try saying “We’re real rear wheels” 10 times fast — or even just twice. Not so easy, huh? That’s called a tongue twister, because it twists up your tongue. Read on for some more tricky phrases, and do the tongue twisting math!

Pictures That Stick
April 3rd, 2020

What combines sticky notes, video games, art, and math? These neat pictures of characters from the Mario Brothers video game! Read on to play your way through the math in this cool sticky note art.

Last Piece of the Puzzle
February 24th, 2020

Jigsaw puzzles can be easy or challenging. But there’s no doubt about it that there’s a ton of math in them – especially the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle! Read on to piece together the puzzle math.

Going Slideways
February 13th, 2020

There are surprisingly lots of uses for truck tires. Some are more fun than others, like snow tubing. Read on for a fun ride through the math in tubing!

A Surprise Inside a Surprise Inside a…
December 2nd, 2019

Have you ever seen those little wooden dolls that split open to show another little doll inside, then another inside that one? Ever wonder what they’re called? Read on to find out – and see how the math stacks up in these stacking dolls!

Double-Trouble Jumprope
March 7th, 2019

Jump rope is fun, but it’s tricky. And it’s even harder when you mix in some tricks, like jumping rope while sitting down, or cartwheeling over the rope. But this group of girls makes all that look easy! Read on to do the math and see how they perfectly time these surprising stunts.

What’s a Woggle?
July 30th, 2018

Do you know what a woggle is? We bet you’ve probably seen them around before, and might have even used one! Read on to find out – and wiggle through the woggle math!

Put Your Wheels in the Air
July 6th, 2018

Seeing a car gliding on 2 wheels might make you stop and take a second look. But a few years ago, a few people in Saudi Arabia started driving like this for fun (on non-crowded roads we hope!). Read on to do the math on this new craze called “sidewalk skiing,” and see how it’s a fun, crazy balancing act.

The Great Pillow Fight
April 7th, 2018

Kids love pillow fights. Apparently adults do, too, since lots took part in International Pillow Fight Day in early April. And where there’s pillow tossing and feathers flying, there’s bound to be lots of math! Read on to do the feathery fun math of pillow fights.