animal friends

Duck, Duck, Horse
September 10th, 2021

Animals are great at making friends. We’ve seen hedgehogs cuddle up with kitties, turtles hang out with a capybara, and even cats (cheetahs) and dogs get along. But this horse and goose duo just might take the cake. Six-year-old Waffles is actually a miniature horse, which explains why he’s barely taller than Hemingway the goose. Hemingway […]

Eel-ing with Delight
May 4th, 2020

With aquariums closed, we’re missing visiting all those cool sea creatures. Turns out, they miss us, too! This aquarium in Tokyo wants people to FaceTime with their spotted garden eels. These silly little eels dig burrows and stick most of their bodies in the sand. But they also poke their heads out to eat tiny bits of […]