Who’s Better at Obstacles, Cats or Dogs?

If you’ve ever had to step over toys without tripping, just imagine how a cat and 3 dogs feel about it! We are loving this video of a family of pets walking through a maze. The owners stood up lots of markers and colored pencils on the floor. Check out all those furry paws, then do the math on them. 

Wee ones: A cat and 3 dogs try the maze. How many pets is that? 

Little kids: If Mia the cat runs through the maze in 4 seconds, and Akira the golden retriever takes 6 seconds longer, how long does Akira take? Bonus: How many paws do the cat and 3 dogs have all together? Count up if it helps! 

Big kids: How many objects do you think are out there, without counting all of them? How would you go about guessing?Bonus: We count 65 objects. If Atena chews on 1/5 of them, how many does she leave alone? 


Wee ones: 4 pets. 

Little kids: 10 seconds. Bonus: 16 paws. 

Big kids: Lots of ways to do this! One way is to count a few of them in a small area, then guess how many clumps that size there are in total. You could count 10, then guess how many 10s fit. It appears there are 65 objects. Bonus: 52 objects escape being chewed, since Atena chews on 13 of them.

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