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When a House Barges In

by Derek Stump

Why is that house on a boat on a river? Because it’s easier to move in water than on land! A family found a 250-year old house they loved, but it was in the wrong place. So they spent 2 years planning how to move 800,000 pounds of bricks. It took 4 nights to get the house 6 miles through town, since power lines and lots of other things had to get out of its way. But once it was on the barge (a type of boat), it only took 2 hours to float 50 miles. It finally arrived this morning! Let’s hope the toilets are still working.
Wee ones: Look at the picture. How many boats can you count? (The flat barge counts as its own!)
Little kids: If 6 fish jumped into the house for every hour it was on the river, how many fish are in the house after 2 hours of floating? Bonus: If the house was moving during 4 days this week and arrived on Thursday, on what day did it start the trip?
Big kids: How much older is a 250-year old house than you? (Hint: what if the house was only 50 years old?) Bonus: If each brick weighs 5 pounds, how many bricks are in the 800,000-pound house? (To start, how many bricks are in 10 pounds? Then 100?…)
The sky’s the limit: A crocodile weighs about 1 ton, which is 2,000 pounds. How many crocs match the weight of that 800,000-pound house?








Wee ones: We count 4 boats in the picture, including the barge.
Little kids: 12 fish, because 6 + 6 = 12. Bonus: On Monday (Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs = 4 days).
Big kids: Different for everyone… subtract your age from 250. You can subtract your age from 50, then add 200! Bonus: 160,000 bricks. There are 20 5-pound bricks in 100 pounds, so there are 200 in 1,000, and then you have 800 sets of that. So we do 200 x 800 = 160,000.
The sky’s the limit: 400 crocs. 2 thousand goes into 800 thousand the same number of times as 2 into 800.