The Bounciest Mile

It’s easier to do one thing at a time than two things. Sometimes grown-ups get carried away doing lots of things at once. It’s called multitasking, and it usually ends with them dropping their phone into a pot of tomato sauce (don’t ask). Well, fortunately some grown-ups CAN do two things at once – and do it quickly, too! This guy named Dylan Sorensen set the world record for fastest running while dribbling a basketball. He ran 1 mile in just 4 minutes and 37 seconds while bouncing the ball to beat the old record. This is the 3rd time a new record has been set in the past year…do you think you could bounce around the track faster?

Wee ones: What shape is a basketball?

Little kids: If Dylan dribbled the basketball switching between his hands in this pattern: right, right, right, left, then right again to start again… which hand did he use for the 6th dribble? Bonus: What hand did he use for the 16th dribble? Can you figure it out without counting out?

Big kids: The world record for running 1 mile without a basketball is 3 minutes 43 seconds. How much less time is that than this record of 4 minutes 37 seconds? Bonus: If Dylan ran all 4 laps in the exact same amount of time, how long did each lap take? (Round to the nearest whole second.)

Wee ones: A circle, or in 3D, a “sphere”.

Little kids: His right hand, because the pattern restarts with the 5th dribble. Bonus: Left, because every 4th dribble – which means every multiple of 4 – is left.

Big kids: 54 seconds less. You can subtract 37 seconds to reach 4 minutes, then another 17 to reach 3 minutes 43 seconds – or you can “count up” from 3 minutes 43 seconds. Bonus: 1 minute 9 seconds. 4 minutes divides neatly by 4, leaving 37 seconds. 4 goes into 37 9 times, with a remainder of 1.

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