Take Your Dog to Work Day

Every day grown-ups go to work — maybe at an office, restaurant, school, or construction site. Well, the Friday following Father’s Day – today! – is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and we’re wondering how well that’s going to go. Sure, dogs are friendly and helpful, and if they could type emails or drive a truck, they’d happily do it for us. But most visiting dogs are probably better at sniffing people’s feet and chewing the furniture. It’s just as well they go to work only one day of the year.

Wee ones: Dogs have 4 legs.  Get down on your hands and knees like a dog, and bark 6 times!

Little kids: If today is Friday and your dog also went to work yesterday, what day was that?  Bonus: If you and your dog take turns typing, and you type the 1st sentence, then your dog types the 2nd, then you type the 3rd and so on…who types the 12th sentence?

Big kids: If you work as a chef and your dog eats every 4th burger you flip, how many does she eat out of 12 burgers you cook?  Bonus: If a dog has 2 people working for him, and they each have 3 people working for them, and those people each bring 4 dogs, how many dogs work with that top dog?

Wee ones: Count your barks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!

Little kids: Thursday.  Bonus: Your dog.

Big kids: 3 burgers, whether she starts on the 1st or some other burger.  Bonus: 24 dogs, brought by 6 people (3+3).

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