Sweet Sixteen (Puppies)

People usually have one baby at a time. But dogs are different: they have lots of puppies at once in a “litter”, or group of siblings. Imagine having 5 or 6 brothers and sisters who share your exact birthday. Or even 16! A German Shepherd mom just had a litter of 16 puppies at a guide dog house in England. Guide dogs help people who can’t see well by walking with them. These puppies might all grow up to be guides, too! But first they have to figure out how to split up their birthday cake.    

Wee ones: A puppy has 4 paws, or feet. Does it have more feet than you? 

Little kids: Puppies grow fast and eat a lot of food. If a puppy eats 2 cups of kibble each day, how many days does it take that puppy to eat 10 cups of kibble? Count up by 2s if it helps! Bonus: If the 16 puppies try an obstacle course but only 2 make it to the end, how many puppies don’t do the whole course? 

Big kids: How many paws does this litter of 16 puppies have? Bonus: Puppies love playing in the mud! If you need 3 baby wipes to clean each one of those 16 puppies’ paws, how many baby wipes do you need to clean them all for the whole crew?  


Wee ones: Yes! 4 is more than 2. 

Little kids: 5 days. Bonus: 14 puppies. 

Big kids: 64 paws. You can use partial products: 4 x 16 is the same as 4 x 10 + 4 x 6. That’s 40 + 24, which is 64. Bonus:192 wipes.

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